Haremon 0.13 is now available for free!

- Implemented Circe's Lover sex scene
- Replaced Circe's selfie CG with a brand-new one
- Implemented partial voice acting for Miruku, Circe, and Laurel. This includes voices in battle, the bedroom, the lab, and some other random voices here and there. More coming in the next build!
- The bag now has pockets for different item types, and can be sorted by name, value, etc. CAUTION: this can be very slow when the bag has hundreds of items. Also reduced lag in the Items app caused by having a lot of items in the bag.
- Added a "Call someone" option to the Bedroom menu, so you can invite girls over directly from the bedroom
- You can now make calls from the dungeon (but you can't invite someone over or ask them on a date)
- Instead of receiving a text from Scarlett, completing (or progressing) a guild job will now show a popup on screen. The quest list will also now list quest progress (for example, "Kill 5 Plump Helmets (2/5)")
- Added a popup for rewards gained on the Guild Job board
- Enemies are now visible on the dungeon screen. They move on their turn (after your party has moved) and battles will only start when one of your party members is on the same tile as a monster. This also makes the Bunnygirl and Monarch appear on the map, making them much easier to find. This also changes Repels: Repellant clears the board of monsters; Suppressant (a new item) prevents them from respawning, and Pesticide (formerly Super Repellant) does both.
- Transitions in town are quicker, with areas fading into one another, rather than fading to/from black.
- Added tooltips to the "Totem Tutor" event, telling you which Haremon are capable of learning a technique from a particular totem
- Added tooltips to the Manipulation menu in battle, telling you if there's any learnable techniques or kinks from an overwhelmed enemy
- Updated the Scent and Check display to be more legible, as well as now including the items you can get by Manipulating an enemy
- Added a "Feed me!" manipulation technique, which increases your Food count.
- Added a limit to stored text messages, preventing tons of lag (and reducing save file size) when you've received a ton of texts
- Replaced the music at the Ranch with a new track
- Replaced the music at the Beach with a new track. The old track is now used for the events Beach Bash and Beach Battle.
- The first few scenes in the game have been tweaked slightly to be more consistent with the Prologue
- Altered some structural elements to make the early quests flow into each other more intuitively



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Apr 24, 2019

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Hey I'm having an issue where I can't use my saves from the previous version

There's a bug with compatibility in this version, but this should fix it:
Open your save file in notepad, change the top line to "0.13" (no quotes), and save the file

Tried it, still said incompatible save version