Haremon 0.15

Haremon 0.15 is now available for free! This build introduces a brand new time system, restructures a lot of quests, adds a new character and CG, removes RNG from selfies, and more.

This build restructures a lot of things, and adds new content in the early game. As such, your previous saves are unfortunately NOT compatible with 0.15.

- Added Kira to the game. If you've played the prologue, you'll recognize her. She's encountered near the beginning of the game.
- Added a new CG: Kira's selfie. This can be obtained by texting her from your bedroom (see below).
- Completely revamped the Time system. There are now four times of day: morning, afternoon, evening, and night. Certain actions cause time to pass, and each action can only be performed during certain times of day. Later on, there will be some time-sensitive mechanics that will force you to choose your actions carefully!
- Reworked some existing H scenes to integrate them naturally into the game's story. The scenes for Miruku, Circe, and Clarabelle are currently integrated, and will occur automatically as you progress through the story (without any Affection requirements). The other girls' scenes will be integrated like this eventually; for now, you can still activate those the old way (invite a girl to your bedroom and ask her to fuck).
- Added a new option to the Tactics menu: Tag Out. This option switches the active Haremon with one of your benched Haremon.
- Most common enemies that occur in multiple environments now have colored variants, including two secret, ultra-rare enemies. For example, Mr. Leaky is blue and is found in the Caverns, while a pink variant called Mr. Goopy is found in the Plains.
- Added a new way to receive texts and selfies, removing all RNG. You can now text a girl from your bedroom during Evening. The third time you text a girl, you'll receive her selfie. (But you can still obtain texts and selfies the old way, too.) Your texting progress is tracked on the Contacts list when sending a text. Texting a girl after you've received her selfie will just boost her affection a bit.
- The "show me your tits" option (in the scene at Laurel's lab after taming Circe) now actually does something...
- Added a few new moves to Daisy's moveset: Roundhouse, Baton Pass, and Tantrum.
- You can now visit Hangout locations without a date. Each location offers a unique benefit, at the cost of advancing time.
- Since inviting a girl over now expends time, gifts are now 33% more effective.
- When fighting a Haremon, the HP bar is replaced by a "clothing" meter, since that's how those battles actually operate.
- Due to sex being integrated into the story now, ending a date with over 75 affection now triggers an instant confession scene instead of a sex scene.
- Slightly altered Circe's movepool to make her solely Ice-focused (to better match her personality, and give Vex more of a unique element.)
- Several additional changes to improve quality-of-life and slightly boost performance.

Thanks for playing!


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Jun 16, 2019

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How to catch a rabbit when it runs away all the time ?!

Did Circe sex scene get cut out in version 0.15.04? I got her at 116 lover and still nothing only got that phone cg after talking 3 times every other girl has there sex scene but Circe option does not even show.

You know it would be better if you instead made a button to skim through the story should you have played it in an earlier build. Spent about four to five weeks on my original save and now I have to go through it all over again


You can just use the skip function while going through the text

Or do you mean the option to go to a certain point in the story?

Certain point in the story. Especially with it being a not fully finished game it should be possible to just skip to the new content. And using the skip function does help but you still have to keep watch on it due to it not reactivating after a choice and/or transition.

required to replay the game are you kidding me......... THANK YOU SO MUCH I LOVE THIS GAME

....your previous saves are unfortunately NOT compatible with 0.15

Time to replay this game all over again

Worth it tho