Haremon 0.17 is now free!

Hi everyone! Sorry for the long wait between public builds this time. There were some issues pertaining to the source code of 0.16, so I decided to skip it and just release 0.17 for free when the time came. This build adds a ton of stuff, including a few new H scenes! See below for a link to a full changelog.

One more thing before we move on: we're starting to bring on more artists and voice actors as we work on Chapter 2 (including Ninamo, the CG artist for HuniePop!) Due to the team getting bigger, our budget is starting to be stretched really thin. It's only because of generous players that we've been able to keep this game free for over a year and a half! However, we're only able to do this as long as our Patreon continues to grow along with our team. You know what I'm going to say next -- if you haven't already, please check out our Patreon and consider pledging as little as $5. Every amount helps!

Now that that's over, you can download 0.17 the usual way (scroll down, click "Download Now" and select "no thanks" when asked for payment).

There's a lot of stuff that's been added since 0.15, so check this post and this post for the full changelogs of 0.16 and 0.17, respectively.

Thanks for playing!


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Aug 24, 2019

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This message keeps popping up and I don't know what to do. It's been a year since I played this and I was looking forward to it.