Haremon 0.2.2 is now available!!

The newest public build is available! Download it for free now! A lot has been added, so get ready for a pretty lengthy changelog:

Changelog (0.2):


- Added new monstergirl: the Imp
- Added a new dungeon: the Shimmering Caverns 
- Added 2 new quests: "Til the Cows Come Home" and "Impish Antics" 
- Added random encounters in dungeons; these occur every few turns and begin a battle with one or more Monsters. Battles can also be triggered by your decisions in certain events, so be careful! 
- Added the "Relationship" card, which initiates a scene where one of your Haremon will play a game of Truth or Dare with you (only the Truths are implemented right now) 
- Added saving and autosaving*; the game will automatically save at the beginning of each scene, when entering town, and at the beginning of each turn in the dungeon. You can save manually from the ePhone menu. 
- Implemented the Items app, where you can use and equip items from your ePhone  - Added a History option to VN scenes    

Tweaks / Minor Additions:

- You can now shift the order of girls in your party from the Haremon app 
- Nearly every spinner now has better odds, and some spinners have been removed entirely; leading to a less punishing experience 
- You can now "nudge" spinners clockwise and counter-clockwise by tapping the shoulder buttons (A and F if using a keyboard), giving you some control over chance-based events 
- The amount of food you start each dungeon with is now increased based on the number of Haremon in your party  - Your current Money is now displayed on the main screen of the ePhone 
- The dungeon screen now displays a key showing what each color of card represents 
- You can now choose to skip a turn on the dungeon screen 
- Added an FXAA option in the Settings menu (This is off by default. There are currently a few graphical bugs that result from turning it on, so I wouldn't recommend using it just yet) 
- Skip mode no longer waits for actors' animations to finish before skipping a line 
- Being Frozen in battle now slows down the girl's WAIT speed by 25%. There is an Antifreeze item that can be used to heal a girl's Frozen status.
- Removed the Trap tile; instead, Trap is now a possible event on 0-star Event cards 
- Added an option to disable text effects 
- Added an option to replace Japanese words (e.g. "senpai", "seifuku") with English equivalents  - Various minor tweaks and additions  


- Fast-forwarding in battle works correctly now 
- Fixed (I think??) the "Win32 function failed" errors that sometimes occurred when entering battle 
- Various minor bugfixes

*A few notes about the save system: 
- The saves are currently version-specific; in other words, any saved games you create with this version will not be playable in any future builds or patches. I'm going to write a more robust save system in the next few weeks, but saves will still probably not be transferable to each new monthly build. This is because a lot of new features are added in each build, so the format of the save data changes a lot between builds, making old saves incompatible with new versions of the game. This is a common side effect of early-access games, and I hope it's not too much of an inconvenience.

Other notes:
- Some of the content added in this update is placeholder. I didn't have time to write as much dialogue as I wanted to, so some of the scenes involved in the new quests are lackluster at the moment. They'll be improved later.

Patch notes (0.2.2):

- Serum now appears on the holstaurus and imp's bodies when it's used on them
- Added Active battle mode (the battle won't pause when you're selecting an action). This mode may still have some associated bugs, so use at your own risk!
- Implemented the unique effects of all currently implemented panties
- Being Burned now makes a girl's clothes burn off, one piece per turn, and being Poisoned now damages a girl's HP at the beginning of each turn
- Added the option to delete a save file from the Load Game menu
- Added a setting to choose whether or not to continue skipping text after making a choice (by default, this is off)
- Added mouse support for the battle menu
- Most items are now usable in battle
- The battle camera can now be controlled with the keyboard
- Added an option for fullscreen display in the Settings menu
- The GUI now scales properly when the window is resized
- Audio options now properly affect volume
- You can now access the Settings menu from a VN scene
- Several crash fixes
- Many minor bugfixes and tweaks


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Feb 02, 2018

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