Haremon 0.3 is now available for free!

Haremon 0.3 is available for free right now!

Read on for a changelog, and enjoy~


- Added a new monstergirl: the Bunnygirl. Her quest isn't ready yet, but right now you can catch her wandering around the Witching Wood once you've tamed the Imp.
- You can now use the Holstaurus Ranch to switch the girls currently held in your party
- Added the Witch's sex scene and CG.
- Added the General Store, where you can buy items
- Added the NILE app, where you can buy items from within a dungeon with a 50% price increase
- Added the option to "call a Haremon" from the bedroom menu. This allows you to either chat with them, give them a gift, or ask them to fuck. You can also use this feature to rename your Haremon.
- Changed the way sex is initiated. Before, the girl had to have 100 Affection in order to be asked to fuck; now, you may ask a girl to fuck at any time. This initiates a chance-based event where your odds of her saying "yes" are based on how high her Affection is. If her Affection is below 50%, she will always turn you down, but anything above 50% has a chance to initiate sex.
- Monsters now have a chance to drop items and money when defeated in battle
- Dungeons with no active quests now have an Exit tile which, when reached by all of your girls, allows you to leave the dungeon
- You can now run from battles with monsters
- Each Haremon and NPC's affection level is now displayed along the right side of the screen in VN scenes
- Added the item Ariadne's Thread, which can be used to instantly exit a dungeon
- Frozen targets now take double damage from Fire, and Burning targets take double damage from Ice; each removes the respective condition
- Locations with an active quest now show a "!" icon on the town menu and NAVIG8 menu
- Various minor tweaks, additions, and bugfixes


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