New public build! Haremon 0.4 is available now for free

Last month's Patreon build is available now for free!

- Added a proper menu screen
- Added new monstergirl: the Monarch
- Added a new dungeon: the Placid Plain
- Finished the quest "Trial and Error". This quest involves taming both the Monarch and Bunnygirl, and helping the professor gather materials for a new type of serum.
- Added a new sex scene (finish "Trial and Error" to unlock)
- Autosave now saves in a different slot than manual saves. This way, if the game crashes, you can reload a previous, stable save.
- Added 3 "Scroll" items which can be found throughout the game. Each of these items can be used to permanently teach a certain Haremon a new move!
- When talking to a girl in the bedroom, you can ask a girl to strip. If she likes you enough, you can then apply "lotion" to her. You can purchase Lotion from the General Store. (Suggested by Way Wonder & Wanzer on Patreon)
- The "Speed" button in battle now speeds up attacks and other animations in addition to the Wait phase.
- Added several new dungeon events
- Added the Mysterious Lens. When activated, your Haremon's clothes will appear transparent in most situations.
- Added the Pussy Magnet. This item can be given as a gift in the bedroom, and guarantees the girl will say Yes if you ask to have sex with her afterwards, even if her Affection isn't very high. (Keep in mind that this won't work on girls whose sex scene isn't implemented yet!) You can currently obtain this item from the wishing well, as well as during a certain quest.
- Added "Rations" item; when used in a dungeon, these increase your current Food count by 5
- Added "Repellent" item, which reduces random encounter rate by 50% for the rest of the current dungeon level, and "Super Repellent", which removes random encounters altogether for the rest of the level. These can be purchased at the shop.
- Added a list of button prompts at the top of the screen when an attack is used, allowing you more time to prepare/react to prompts. Also rebalanced prompts and made some attacks slower to give more reaction time.
- Fixed a bug where the Ranch could duplicate/corrupt your Haremon
- Major stability improvement (patched a memory leak and fixed a few crashes)
- Numerous minor additions, tweaks, and bugfixes

Enjoy <3

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are the panties in yet and how much do you plain to up date this like how soon should the next update be?